What is it?

An environment designed to help you identify the next step in your journey. We'll learn about the Core Values of Believers Church and help you move forward with a clear understanding of who we are and how to find your fit.

What if I'm not ready to commit?

Nxt_ is less about you feeling pressured or coerced into making a decision and more about answering the questions we know most people are asking in a new environment. Enjoy some coffee and refreshments, relax and just take it all in!

Some next steps we'll cover…

Salvation – A commitment to follow Jesus
Water Baptism – An outward expression of an inward commitment
Groups – Doing life with people just like you in a small group setting
Volunteer – Serve a greater purpose by using your unique gifts and talents

Upcoming NXT_ Dates

Warren Campus

Boardman Campus
Sunday, April 15 @ 9am


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