Connect Groups are all about building friendships and doing life together.

No matter who you are or what interests you may have, we have a connect group for you!

We have 3 semesters of Connect Groups - Fall, Winter & Spring.

Our Spring semester of groups will be launching in May! We'll have our sign-ups happening the weekends of May 2 & 3 and May 11 & 12. Our groups will launch the week of May 11th.

Due to COVID-19, these groups will all meet virtually online!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Gina at 330-372-3333 ext. 105.

Group Catalog

Here is our complete list
of our connect groups
for our spring 2020 semester.
all of these groups will be
meeting virtually.

Download the Catalog


Contact: Gina Cameneti 
Phone: (330) 372-3333 
Facebook: Believers -The Connecting Place

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