November 21, 2020

Weekend Follow Up

Each week, we have a group called "The Weekend Follow-Up." It's a VIRTUAL group where you can meet other people and discuss the weekend's message together ... from the comfort of your own home. Join the group this week! Click here for the information.

Accept the challenge and find a friend to unpack these questions from the weekend message. Your answers could just build you stronger day by day.

This group is designed for anyone and everyone! If you are interested in discussing the previous weekend's message with other people, we invite you to join in VIRTUALLY from the comfort of your own home EVERY MONDAY @ 7pm! This is a great opportunity to ask additional questions, dig deeper into the message and meet others along the way. No need to sign up .... just show up by clicking the link below!



Weekend Questions from March 21, 2021:

Big Idea: In the midst of worldly chaos, G.O.A.T.’S remain consumed with pursuing the lost

1. In Pastor Joe’s convenience store example, he heard God’s voice saying stop and talk to the security guard. He struggled because it would delay his getting home and getting ready for church. He ultimately spoke to him, and the guard accepted Christ.

a. What are the obstacles & interruptions to a lifestyle of serving you experience?

b. How can you overcome them in the future?

2. Pat yourself on the back and share a happy ending story where you heard God say stop and talk to someone and you did it! What was the result? 

3. There are 3 hindrances to living as Citizens who serve God and our world. 1) An offended heart. 2) An angry heart. 3) A cluttered heart. Ephesians 6:12 says we do not battle with humans, but with the spiritual rulers of darkness.

a. Are any of these heart conditions a place where you find yourself today?

b. What are some spiritual practices you do to counter these heart conditions?

Examples might be:

i. Turn off the noise and remove the distractions in your life;

ii. Take off your shoes to pause and spend quiet time with God;

4. Colossians 3:13 says put up with each another and forgive one another.          

a. What attitudes are projected when you are “just putting up with someone?"

Communions & Closing Prayer: Bring the elements with you on zoom for communion

Closing Prayer: Father, we want to learn to be concerned with what is going on around us but consumed with serving you and bringing others into your family. Help me to respond to any interruptions you bring into my live as opportunities to love others and serve you.

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