October 5, 2020

Weekend Follow Up

Each week, we have a group called "The Weekend Follow-Up." It's a VIRTUAL group where you can meet other people and discuss the weekend's message together ... from the comfort of your own home. Join the group this week! Click here for the information.

Accept the challenge and find a friend to unpack these questions from the weekend message. Your answers could just build you stronger day by day.

This group is designed for anyone and everyone! If you are interested in discussing the previous weekend's message with other people, we invite you to join in VIRTUALLY from the comfort of your own home EVERY MONDAY @ 7pm! This is a great opportunity to ask additional questions, dig deeper into the message and meet others along the way. No need to sign up .... just show up by clicking the link below!

To join the group through Zoom, click here https://us04web.zoom.us/j/74307957546?pwd=Nnc4Q3VsdnNjWDhSRlNpU1l6NFFMQT09

Weekend Questions from October 18, 2020:

1.    If you had a Genie in a bottle at your disposal and could wish for anything, what would you Hope your Genie could do for you?

Big Idea: God has Given the Hopeless; Eternal Hope                                          

Job lost much in life including most of his family, yet Job 8:13 says that “those who forget God have no Hope”


2.    Suppose all of your candidates from the White House on down loose! (I am so sorry)! Using the phrase “Our Hope doesn’t lie in the man we put in the White House. Our Hope lies in the man we put on the cross”,

a.    What response does God desire from you?

b.    Will you still fulfill your destiny and overcome adversity? How?


3.    Most of us plan our lives, (calculated hope), and hope that it comes true.

a.    Is there a part of your life that didn’t go as you had Hoped?

b.    What was your initial response?

c.    How are you bringing peace to that area of your life?


Anchors keep ships from Drifting and add Stability in a storm.


4.   Which promise(s) of God has become an anchor in your life?

a.    How has it helped you fulfill your destiny?


5.    Let’s Pray!

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