December 30, 2021


Join us for our 2022 fast! Click here for more details.

We believe that a happy new year starts with a HEALTHY ONE! So we are determined to get off to a healthy start in 2022! And what better way than with church-wide prayer and fasting?

What is fasting? Fasting is withholding something that we enjoy (like food, media, sweets) and replacing it with more time spent with God in Bible reading, worship and prayer!

How should my fast look? Our goal isn’t for this to be a religious obligation. Instead, we invite you to ask God what he would challenge you to give up!  These are just a few options, and the important thing is that you take a step and expect God to do a NEW THING as you give Him this NEW YEAR.

Daniel Fast – This is based on the biblical character who ate no sweets, meats or treats.

Media Fast –There’s nothing inherently wrong with the movies, shows and apps that entertain us, but there is something so refreshing about turning down the noise around us and tuning in to God’s voice!

True Biblical Fast – Many opt to go without food during their fast. Some choose to do a true fast 1 day each week. Others fast for the specific amount of days that God leads them to.

Join the FASTING IS FUN Facebook Group: This year, we are creating an online community where you can find daily encouragement and inspiration as you go through the fast! We'll go LIVE each night and have discussions, interviews, worship and prayer! Just search "Fasting is Fun" in Facebook and grab the "Fasting Journal" by Jentezen Franklin before the fast begins!

Worship Night: We're going to gather and celebrate the end of our fast with an incredible night of worship at each campus on Wednesday, January 26th!

Dates of the Fast: January 5th-25th

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