December 21, 2020

The New Series

Our January 2021 Weekend Series! Click here for all the details.

After 2020, we could all use a NEW YEAR. But if we enter a new year with an old mindset, we'll be stuck in the same cycles and patterns.

So you're invited to star this new year at BC with THE NEW SERIES! 2021 will have its challenges and uncertainties, but we believe God is ready to do a NEW THING, and we are ready to jump in together!

Join us at each campus for IN-PERSON services beginning January 2 & 3!

Click HERE to learn more about the 14 day fasting adventure we will take as a church family!

Warren Weekend Experiences

Saturday @ 5pm

Sunday @ 9am & 10:45am

Boardman Weekend Experiences

Saturday @ 5pm (online only)

Sunday @ 9am & 10:45am

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